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Looking for a health writer?

I work with healthcare organizations to turn complex material into clear and compelling content -
so people can easily grasp the impact on their lives and make the best decisions.
Yes, I need someone STAT! Maybe, but why you?

A freelance writer you can count on

When you have little to no margin to get a bazillion things accomplished, the last thing you need is a flaky freelancer. As someone who has hired creatives, and then become super frustrated chasing after them, I know how important it is to come through (and stay in touch during the process). Have a large-scale project that you need to hand over to a strategic creative? You can count on me to think big-picture without losing sight of the details. Need an experienced health writer to make headway on to-do list items? I can hit the ground running.

Let me help you achieve your content marketing goals by:

  • Creating copy that engages your audience
  • Influencing readers to take action
  • Leveraging existing copy to create fresh content
  • Making your website, blog, social media, and print materials shine

Let's talk about you need done. Contact me to discover just how easy it is to get that project off your plate. Or, take a look at my past work and experience.


Awesome Content

Need upbeat, conversational text? Or, would a friendly expert voice be best? Either way, I'll create copy that works for your organization.

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Quick Editing

It's easy to let your brand's consistency go. But your organization's voice is no small thing. I'll make sure your content is cohesive.

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Social Media Messaging

Build a better online community (and influence followers) with every word you say. I can do it all or train your staff.

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